Life’s a Boomerang

Life’s a Boomerang explores the cyclical nature of life as it applies to the the world we live in now: what we “lose” will always find its way back to us, so long as we are patient and do not lose hope in it doing so.

I’ve written a lot this week about the world moving forward in response to COVID-19: technology evolving to accommodate a socially-distant world, the progression of relationships through telecommunication, and how our relationships grow and change with us. The pandemic, despite its horrific aftermath, has worked to change the way we interact with the world and each other. Now more than ever, the importance of interpersonal connection and community is being brought to light. A lot of things, both good and bad, may never be the same again. But it’s important to remember that not everything we once knew is gone forever. When I look to the future, the prospect of returning to some of those pre-COVID comforts brings me joy.

Someday soon, the daily traditions we had come to rely on in the pre-COVID world will be back. On one Sunday in the future, I will once again be able to sit in a diner with my family for a bowl of cream of chicken rice soup. When my friends return to town, we’ll find ourselves at a coffee shop once again, retelling stories of our high school exploits. Another first date, one of countless others, is just waiting to be had within the comfort of the red velvet seats of the movie theater by my home. We may sit a bit further apart in the theater or find more seats empty than usual, yet the essence of life remains the same.

Come what may, we will soldier on. The world will continue to move forward, and us with it, toward a new and brighter day. The avenues and opportunities that provide us with joy may change, much like we change everyday, but they will always be there. So don’t lose hope: someday soon, we will once again find ourselves living the way we did. We’ll be back sun-tanning by the pool with a lemonade in hand in no time, while COVID-19 lives on as nothing but a vague memory of the summer of 2020. But perhaps we might find the sun feels warmer, and our drink tastes just a bit sweeter, in the wake of all that we have experienced. While the masks may disappear, the gratitude for the life we will soon be allowed to lead doesn’t have to. Everyday life is an incredible gift– what will you do with it, once you get it back?

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