A Dedication to Life

Due Date: ????

A letter to the lonely hearts,

Hello again! It’s me, Joseph. How are things? I know they must be difficult since you’ve come to read this letter. How are you? I’m doing well now because you’ve finally made it. For a minute there, I thought you might not. So I wrote you this letter because I knew you might need it. Maybe not right now but someday: could be years in the future. So I’ll leave this here should that day ever come. On that day, you’ll find yourself lost. You’ll feel lonely–enough that you may ask yourself what? In that time, take a minute to come to this letter. Just read it. I promise you’re fine. I know your heart might feel empty but right now, there’s this letter. Since I wrote it, just read it–don’t stop till the message is clear. Have hope because they do. There’s a love that’s within you. Believe it and it will always appear.

Maybe it was your family that brought you to this moment where you first stumbled over these words. Expectations were high, he was gone or she lied: family’s taken your strength. You’re alone. Well, I’ve got one so trust I believe it, in their power to change how you look at the world. But then again, so do you. It’s a power within you even if you can’t see it right now. Don’t feel small. Are you reading? I hope you are–cause like you, it’s important! Believe it! So right now, grab your phone. Pick it up. Call the family: a cousin, your brother, or mom. They’re the first ones to see you. Wouldn’t you want to be you? Let them love you and your heart will be calm.

But maybe your heart calls for friendship and that’s why you’re reading me now. All the family you call, they could not fill them all: those small, lonely holes living deep in your heart. So alone and dejected, you find me. While you read, you feel nothing at all. But I’m Joseph your friend and you’re here now. Again. Just believe me, these words are all true. You’re no longer alone; by just reading this tome, you can know that I want to know you! I’ve always been writing this letter ‘cause I knew you might need it someday. So write back–send a line or write me a letter. Are you gonna? With me, I promise you’ll be understood. It will happen: if not now, then someday. Believe it. I’ve got you. We’re good.

Or it might be a friend who sits reading this letter as you cry in her arms on the couch. Single and alone, how could she (anyone) fill the love you’ve gone without for so long? Your friends all have dates. Now they’re married! But their hearts still feel lonely sometimes. Believe in the fact that you’re growing. You are beautiful. Just believe and stop stressing. Then count your blessings; for each joy in life, list them straight through. All the good times, the friendships, the laughter. And the chocolates. Now go buy a bag (or a basket): it’s just a rough patch! You’ll make it through! Self love is important–they will come once you do it. There’s good in the world if you try to see it. So believe it.

Or maybe it’s you that I write to, to that artist who’s dying inside: in a world where you heed, at the price of your dreams, to the dollar you choose to abide. Your success in yourself is unmeasured. For right now, you believe it’s not there. But look out in the world ‘cause there’s something that’s out there. There’s more like you so open that door. Then go find them! Your hearts will combine then: live stronger together than standing as one. When you doubt me, just start breathing. Please, then tell me you are reading? Share your gifts with us, don’t hide even one. Go right on writing. Keep on painting or knitting. It’ll be worth it– just have faith. No more quitting. When I say this, believe it: you’ve already won.

But that pain might be deeper, and your darkness much steeper, till it feels like you’re out on the run. For fear, you don’t dare name or try to find it, eating at you till you believe life is done. My friend, that’s not true so I’ll stop you; and then through the guise of a letter, I can tell you of the beauty and love that’s to come. In your wisdom, you searched out to find me–and you didn’t stop reading till this letter was done. Are you safe now? Thank goodness. I’m happy. That darkness will leave from you one day, I’m sure, and I’ll walk down that road with you till then. For I love those hearts to which I am writing, and each lonely one of them now has a friend. You’re not alone now–you’ve done it. With some help, you have found your way through. You’ll be guided back to light by love someday. I’ve always believed it in you.

Or perhaps down that road you’ve been walking, face turned from the dark towards the dawn. As the years pass, you don’t come to find me; the heart of the lonely lives in you no more. But one Sunday morning in Fall time, when you’re husband’s out mowing the lawn, you’ll scroll through your website and read me: the letter you wrote you when life’d gotten hard. I’m writing for you, my friend Joseph, on this dreary October 18th. On a day when I loved you and worried that someday again, you’d believe that that love was unseen. Your heart is not lonely–it’s growing. It cannot be easy I’m sure. So through this prayer for the hearts of the lonely, I’ll remind you that you’ve done it before. One day soon you will find it inside you, a love powerful, good, and secured. Until then, please just keep me. Fold me up. Hell, why not read me? I love you. Of that, be assured. So for now, I’ll stay reading this letter for the hearts who are lonely and caught in the rough. It’s from Joseph the Writer. It’s for Joseph the Fighter. And believe me, your love is enough.



(P.S. I know because I am you that you either still doubt it or got too lazy to read through the letter. If you still don’t feel it, go back and read only the words written in italics: it’s something you need to hear)

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