About Us

Love, Joseph started out first with an idea: finding hope each day to keep living. Through posts meant to encourage, inspire, and invigorate my readers as much as their favorite Cup of Joe (hence the name!), I hoped that I might find some hope within myself. It seemed no matter the topic, from nature to music, the reasons I told myself to stay hopeful were hollow. For a time, I found that Daily Cup of Joe was the only thing keeping me going at all.

But a cup of coffee is no substitute for a good night’s rest, so we took some time off to reconsider our angle. While there is beauty in the world, oftentimes shown through others, it is the love we hold for ourselves that is the most essential thing to feeling hopeful and unafraid. We cannot begin to help others without first sharing of ourselves, our time, and our story. So this blog, which once aimed to keep it’s author afloat, now provides a different perspective: one that started the moment he believed in the power of loving himself.

Meet the Team

Joseph Messink, Writer/Content Creator

Joseph (Joe) Messink is the founder and content creator for the Love, Joseph blog. A writer based out of the Chicago area, Joe writes everything from novels to short stories to every post you will read on this blog! Some of his creative work has been published in literary magazines and he has received recognition for his written work as the Best of Undergraduate Writers from Milwaukee Area Universities. He graduated in 2019 with a degree in English and Writing from Carroll University.

Isabelle Reyes, Artist/Graphic Designer

Isabelle (Izzy) Reyes is the creative director and illustrator of any and all art on the Love, Joseph blog. A freelance graphic designer based out of the Chicago area, Izzy receives commissions for graphic designs both professional and personal. While not working as a nurse or creating the art and logos for the Daily Cup blog, Izzy runs Izzy Belle Illustrations as a freelance artist and consultant. She graduated in 2020 with a degree in Nursing from Carroll University.

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