When Dreams Soar like Kites

When Dreams Soar like Kites examines the author’s relationship with his father and the sacrifices he made in an effort to make his children more successful. As the week draws to a welcomed end, I’ve decided to take a moment to glance back to the beginning of July. When I first started this blog, itContinue reading “When Dreams Soar like Kites”

Thank God it’s Friday: A Monday Story

Thank God it’s Friday: A Monday Story is a story about the author’s childhood journey which, undertaken with his cousin, provided the first spark of independence he had ever experienced. As the temperature drops and the back-to-school signs go back up, I am once again reminded of those early August days of cramming in theContinue reading “Thank God it’s Friday: A Monday Story”

Fly, Bean-Apple, Fly

Fly, Bean-Apple, Fly is a short reflection on the importance of maintaining familial relationships after being separated by distance, as well as an examination on how those relationships change over time. “Fly, Fly. Bean-Apple, Fly. He flies just for you. He flies for me too.” It’s a song with no clear message; bean-apples (whatever theyContinue reading “Fly, Bean-Apple, Fly”

I Can Believe it’s Not Butter

I Can Believe it’s Not Butter explores the concepts of wonder and imagination as they apply to one of the author’s cherished childhood memories. As the weather changes and back-to-school commercials begin to appear on the T.V., memories of childhood come rushing back: last-minute trips to the Gurnee pool, feverish trips to make the mostContinue reading “I Can Believe it’s Not Butter”

“Zooming” Toward the Future

“Zooming” Toward the Future brings attention to the development of telecommunication and other technologies as humanity adapts to a social-distancing world. Yesterday I wrote about some of the changes we’ve faced as a result of COVID-19. A lot has changed since those early days in February and it seems that a majority of the “growth”Continue reading ““Zooming” Toward the Future”

The Gift of Gratitude: Corona’s Latest Mutation

The Gift of Gratitude: Corona’s Latest Mutation explores the author’s experience of increased gratitude for cashiers and other essential workers as a direct result of COVID-19. It seems that no one, not even shoppers from Meijer to Target, are safe from the changes COVID-19 continues to make on the world. Working for Shipt, a groceryContinue reading “The Gift of Gratitude: Corona’s Latest Mutation”