Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom examines the process of marine oysters creating pearls and compares it to the human experience of learning from life’s hardships and finding the beauty within. After taking some time to check in with my mental health, I wanted to start up my posts again by talking about a video that came acrossContinue reading “Pearls of Wisdom”

From Darkness toward Dawn

From Darkness toward Dawn explores the author’s personal experience with anxiety and depression and attempts to offer hope to others that may be experiencing the same thing. For any readers struggling with illnesses like these, public resources have been attached at the bottom of the page. It is not often that I, a writer atContinue reading “From Darkness toward Dawn”

Returning to Our Roots

Returning to Our Roots briefly explores the beauty and simplicity of the natural world, while also exploring our ability to find peace and restfulness within it. As raindrops, heavy and cold, race towards the Earth, I find myself yet again drawn inexplicably to the outdoors. A bolt of lightning cracks violently in the sky asContinue reading “Returning to Our Roots”

Washing Away Racism: One Name at a Time

Washing Away Racism: One Name at a Time explores the Washington NFL teams recent decision to drop the name “Redskins” and explores the progressive steps being taken by big businesses After 87 years of the Washington NFL team holding fast to the name “Redskins”, the NFL team has finally decided to retire the name andContinue reading “Washing Away Racism: One Name at a Time”

We th-Ink You’re Important

We (th)Ink You’re Important examines a recent project by author Shelley Jackson, which combines storytelling and tattoos, and explores its implications on finding meaning within our own lives. Growing up in my house, it was commonly understood that getting a tattoo was a big no-no. On my 18th birthday, after feeling inspired by my newly-inkedContinue reading “We th-Ink You’re Important”

Let’s Bee Positive

Let’s Bee Positive focuses on the current status of the global bee population and what countries are currently doing to ensure that bees, and by extension plant and animal life, do not go extinct. A morning banana. Ice-cold lemonade. Lindt’s Classic Milk Chocolate. Although they are quite different, these things all have at least oneContinue reading “Let’s Bee Positive”